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Referral Manager

  • R0009647
  • 1056 East Raines Rd, Memphis, TN 38116

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Job Description
The Referral Manager is a customer-service and leadership-focused position working directly with patients and their families, insurance representatives, doctors and other medical personnel in a dynamic and professional environment to provide the highest level of quality healthcare to all patients.


  • Provides extraordinary customer service to all internal and external customers (including patients and other Chen Medical team members) at all times.
  • Manages, coach and provide training to Referral Coordinators.
  • Assures referral coordinators are following company processes.
  • Implements new processes per Referral COE.
  • Conducts Monthly Referral Coordinator meetings.
  • Assists referral coordinators with solving issues as it pertains to referrals.
  • Collaborates with Office Managers to conduct performance evaluations of Referrals Team Members.
  • Addresses / resolves any customer-service issues.
  • Works closely with the Management Team and Administrators in relation to strategic business planning.
  • Manages Referral Approval Process- Use Referral Approval Process Checklist.
  • Manages and Review Notification Emails, ensure email notifications are accurate.
  • Generates approval email- Follow approval email template with details for approval.
  • Responds to Workflow requests- Communicate alternative/approvals to Referral Coordinator.
  • Follows up with MMD/Specialist/MND if no response after 24hours.
  • Calls and Follows up with patients in regards to alternatives- Use messaging scripts to speak with patients in regards to alternatives.
  • Other responsibilities may include:
  • Processes New Patient Referral Exception from Sales Team (if applicable to your market).
  • Prepares and run referral team meeting- Create agenda for meeting. Gather info from Medical Director /Network Director /Referral Manager.
  • Prepares Referral Team Meeting Minutes and send minutes to Operation Director, Market Medical Director, Market Network Director and Referral COE via email after meetings.
  • Communication with Network Director regards to PPL- Report any errors, concerns or feedback in regards to PPL providers.
  • Trains Referral Managers (if applicable to your market) - Evaluate and recommend.
  • Analyzes referral reports.
  • Referral Workflow Report. 
  • Referral to Order Report.
  • Generates Weekly Analysis Report and send to Referral Coordinators.


  • Knowledge of products, services, standards, policies and procedures in a healthcare environment.
  • Network Management experience/understanding.
  • Understanding of cost as it relates to Medicare part A and B.
  • Skill in oral communication (English required).
  • Ability to effectively communicate with employees, patients and other individuals in a professional and courteous manner.
  • Ability to pay close attention to detail and to ensure accuracy of reports and data.
Additional Job Description


  • Bachelor’s degree. 
  • Minimum five (5) years supervisory experience.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Outlook and Word.
  • Experience working with Physicians and Directors on a daily basis.
  • Experience reviewing data and making decision based of the data.
  • Experience working in Medicare managed care environment.
  • Experience managing teams greater than (3) employees.

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