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Senior Business Analyst

  • R0009989
  • 1395 NW 167 Street, Miami, FL 33169

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Job Description
The IT Process Analyst is responsible for performing broad range tasks and activities in support of the technology (functional) process including expectations management for stakeholders and relationship building with all collaborators. The incumbent in this role, drawing from knowledge of and experience in organizational behavior and functional process methodologies, works with the IT Teams and stakeholders to efficiently and effectively execute functional tasks according to priority, context and resource definitions and constraints, including the analysis, management, monitoring, and reporting of their progress to completion.


  • Supports the execution of a specific IT process (i.e. Vendor Management, Asset Management, Telecommunications, Business Applications, etc.) in response to business needs and requests.
  • Lead development of detailed requirements for products based on analysis of business and customer needs in the form of epics and user stories.
  • Collaborates with business and IT stakeholders to identify, analyze, understand and prioritize functional activities by business value and urgency.
  • Create and Maintain product backlog in working closely with business stakeholders, product managers, user experience designers, and technical architects.
  • Examines and supports handling ambiguity in all aspects of work, including business direction and strategy, to enable the synthesis of disparate observations and data, creating conclusions and recommendations and successfully supporting project teams through change.
  • Communicates verbally and in written forms (formal and informal), between business stakeholders and IT staff related to specific initiatives or functions.
  • Supports communications, meetings, and other collaborations as appropriate to effectively perform work and to understand, resolve, and/or mitigate risks, obstacles, and conflicts in the performance of functional activities.
  • Collaborate with the development team and lead backlog grooming, sprint planning and review activities.
  • Work closely with user experience designers in development of product design and prototypes and present it to key stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with team during sprints by providing requirements clarification, validating and accepting implemented solution.
  • Develop and review release plans and conduct UAT testing in collaboration with product management team.
  • Establish and collect KPI to measure business value delivered by products and solutions.
  • Mentor and train other team members in agile software development methods and processes and implementation of those methods.
  • Other duties as assigned and modified at manager’s discretion.


  • Fundamental knowledge of backlog management and team collaboration tools, ERP systems, and request management software
  • Solid communication skills to effectively articulate, demonstrate, and support the delivery of appropriate levels of messaging and decision-support information with appropriate audiences, including IT leaders, and in all forms (e.g., written, verbal, and the creation and delivery of presentations)
  • High level of conceptualization, analytics, logic, and reasoning skills
  • Able to perform with autonomy, requiring little or no supervision; occasional guidance from IT and team leadership
  • Ability to operate a computer in a Windows environment utilizing SaaS applications, A/V conferencing, and spreadsheet, presentation, diagramming, and word documentation software
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite products including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, plus a variety of other word-processing, spreadsheet, database, e-mail and presentation software
  • Ability and willingness to travel locally, regionally and nationwide up to 10% of the time
  • Spoken and written fluency in English
  • This job requires use and exercise of independent judgment
Additional Job Description


  • High school diploma or equivalent required
  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or a related IT field preferred
  • A minimum of 2 years of related experience in an IT technical process role
  • Experience in the analysis, documentation and maintenance of procedures, activities, tracking and reporting related to the execution of the process

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