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Sept. 22, 2016 -- ChenMed, the integrated medical practice providing affordable care and superior experience to tens of thousands of Medicare beneficiaries, today celebrates Centenarians’ Day by saluting both the 26 of its patients having lived beyond 100 years, as well as the 39 percent of its patients having already surpassed the average U.S. longevity of 79.3 years reported by the World Health Organization.  Chen and JenCare Senior Medical Center centenarians currently live in Florida (15), Georgia (1), Illinois (2), Kentucky (2), and Virginia (6).

“Our primary care physicians and the care teams they lead are incredibly blessed to serve as champions for at-risk seniors living with major and complex health challenges,” says Christopher Chen, MD, ChenMed Chief Executive Officer.  “And, it’s truly exciting that nearly 40 percent of our primarily low-to-moderate-income patients have exceeded the nation’s average life expectancy.”

The 26 Chen and JenCare Senior Medical Center patients living active and meaningful lives as centenarians – along with the 814 living as nonagenarians (90 to 99 years) plus the 4,949 living as octogenarians (80 to 89 years) -- are living proof that patient-focused preventative care led by primary care physicians yields better health outcomes.  

According to the World Health Organization the average life expectancy in the United States is 79.3 years the world average life expectancy hovers at 71.4 years.

“Our physicians have patient panels five times smaller than the U.S. average of one doctor to 2,300 patients,” adds Chen. “With patient panels not exceeding 450 patients, our physicians provide unrivaled access to medical care, including the same-day appointments needed to reduce hospital sick days year round.”

The Annual Election period, during which millions of Americans ages 65 and older are required to make decisions regarding health plan coverage and primary care physicians gets underway on Oct. 15 and runs through Dec. 7, is a great time for seniors and health plan agents and brokers to ask physicians what percentage of their patients exceed the national average for longevity.  

It’s also a great time to chat with other Medicare beneficiaries about how happy they are with the medical care being provided by their primary care physician, and to consider how easy it is to score timely appointments with doctors working collaboratively to help seniors live better and longer.  


Since ChenMed operates 37 dedicated medical centers in six states (FloridaGeorgiaIllinoisKentuckyLouisianaVirginia), while simultaneously providing operational support and risk focused end-to-end technologies to help more than 200 independent medical practices deliver superior outcomes for seniors with Medicare Advantage, the company also recently bolstered center of excellence expertise vital to further igniting membership growth.

A privately owned medical, management and technology company working to deliver concierge healthcare to the neediest seniors, ChenMed has been serving low-to-moderate-income Medicare beneficiaries with multiple complex chronic conditions for nearly 30 years.

Read the Forbes story on how the physician-led business is a transformation agent to improve the broken, unsympathetic and fragmented care delivery system that many patients still experience today; or The Economist reporting that “Medicare patients at ChenMed spent nearly 40 percent fewer days in hospital than the national average.”; or Medical Economics noting that ChenMed “may be the best primary care system in the U.S.”; or The Commonwealth Fund Transforming Care (Mar. 24, 2016) saluting ChenMed and others for “patient-centric cultures that are built on empathy and learning.”

You also could better appreciate the magic of the ChenMed medical model by watching the two-minute FOX Business segment (April 23, 2016).

Contact:  Jim Brown,
ChenMed Director of Public Relations,