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News and Media: Testimonials

“The difference is the quality of care.”

November 16, 2016

With seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren, Barbara has a lot of reasons to stay healthy! And while she loves how convenient her care center is, her favorite part of being a member of our community is the relationship she has with our team. Her doctor is “like a son, taking care of his momma,” she says; and, along with the grace of God, the team at her center is the reason she gets up in the morning.

But don’t take Barbara’s word for it, call (786) 483-2471 to schedule your VIP tour today.

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“I’m in love with JenCare!”

October 29, 2016

For Gladys, her experience as a member has been shaped by the fact that she loves staying active and is willing to “try anything that will keep (her) healthy and keep (her) going!” She says that since she found JenCare, “I feel good every day!”

She also loves that she can have all of her medical needs taken care of at one time, in one place. Whether it is having an EKG or a foot exam, it all happens right there at the center, along with fun activities that keep her moving! Smiling brightly she says, “You need to go to JenCare!”

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“I Feel Like a New Man!”

October 17, 2016

When Gary first visited his Dedicated Care center, he was suffering from a debilitating case of psoriasis. But in just six short weeks of seeing Dr. Rogers, his psoriasis was gone; and he was pain-free.

Being in the care of such a “wonderful doctor,” Gary says, “It is amazing the energy I have now,” “I feel like a new man,” and “I wouldn’t be where I am without their care.”

Find out why Gary feels like he has found the right partner in health and why he “certainly intends on staying” with us by calling (863) 455-5327 and scheduling a VIP tour.

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“They are concerned about you.”

October 17, 2016

For Jesse, it is the holistic approach to care we provide that really makes the difference. He says, “you know more about your body than anybody,” and he appreciates that his doctor listens to him and truly respects him as a patient. But on top of the excellent and attentive care he receives from his primary care physician, he also describes the exceptional patient experience he enjoys as a member. He says that as soon as he walks through the door, “they greet you, ”“they are smiling,” and it really is “tender loving care.”

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“I am here walking.”

October 14, 2016

After a fall, Gina was admitted to a trauma center and told that she would be wheelchair-bound for two years. An avid dancer, Gina was not about to take that news sitting down! She found us, and most importantly, Dr. Mansano, who she calls, “her lifesaver,” “her angel,” “her friend.” And while she loves the fact that everyone in her center is “always happy, always helpful and always has an answer,” more than anything she is ecstatic to be back on her dancing feet, with no crutches, no walker, and no wheelchair.

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“My health has improved tremendously!”

October 5, 2016

Brenda has been a member of our center for more than three years, and what strikes her most about her experience with us is how caring and comprehensive our approach to care is. She says, “I love my doctor, and she loves me!”; and she adds that our team makes you feel “like one of the family.”

But her satisfaction doesn’t end with the quality of care we offer. She also loves our comprehensive approach.  She raves that all of the specialists are there, right in the same building and that collaborate and “discuss your care,” providing a holistic perspective.

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