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America’s Leading Primary Care Provider

We believe the doctor-patient relationship is at the heart of good primary care. We’re mission-driven to restore that relationship by reinventing preventive, VIP care for seniors. As a ChenMed physician, you have the resources and team to succeed.

Build a Relationship with your Doctor

At ChenMed, you get VIP care — that means a personal doctor and care team who know you, care about you, and have time for you. You have 24/7 access to our doctors, on-site medications and transportation to appointments — at no cost to you.

The ChenMed Difference

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Cap placed on patient panels
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Fewer ER visits & hospitalizations
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Time in-person for doctors & patients
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Board-eligible or certified doctors

Patient Stories

What Makes Value-Based Care Different?

ChenMed’s doctors improve the health of the neediest seniors every day with our intensive high-touch care model.

It’s simple – when our patients do better, we do better. Each physician has a small patient panel that creates deep patient relationships with a focus on prevention. It’s better for our patients, our doctors, and our success.



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