About Us

Who We Are

ChenMed is a family-owned, family-oriented organization committed to bringing superior health care to moderate-to-low-income seniors.


Our vision

To positively change American healthcare through primary care innovation for the neediest populations.


Our mission

To provide a convenient, patient-centered environment that fosters enduring relationships between doctors, staff and patients and delivers superior outcomes and a compassionate experience. We will create a healthcare system specifically for our patients' needs through dedicated doctors, a supportive team, and customized technology, and achieve value through scalable innovation, resourcefulness and accountability.


Our patient promise 

You are the reason we are here. Your coordinated healthcare and well-being is our focus. Like a member of our family, we will take care of you in good times and in times of need.

Who We Are

ChenMed is a family-owned, physician-led practice of primary and multi-specialty care experts who are transforming health care for seniors and providing big answers to big problems in care delivery.


Physician focus

Today's primary care physician treats patients who are diverse in age, acuity and ability to pay. They may see the 22-year-old college student who needs a physical, a 40-year-old mother of three with a sinus infection, and the 75-year-old man suffering from hypertension, diabetes, heart failure, kidney disease and the effects of a recent stroke.


Because different patients have different needs, we have transformed our approach.


Efficiency & effectiveness

ChenMed is a full-risk primary care market leader with an innovative philosophy, a unique physician-led culture and end-to-end customized technology that is providing coordinated, world-class primary care to the most vulnerable population - moderate- to low-income seniors with complex chronic diseases.


Our approach enables us to drive key quality and cost outcomes that create value for patients, physicians and the overall health system.  We are able to practice medicine the way it should be practiced. By recruiting focused physicians and reducing their doctor-to-patient ratios, we increase patients' "face time" during each monthly appointment, which helps foster stronger doctor-patient relationships and enhances compliance with treatment plans.


As a result of our efforts, our patients realize lower hospital admissions. Their overwhelming response to our approach is reflected in our aggressive, organic growth and net promoter scores in the low- to mid-90s, which is unheard of in any industry. Read more about our results and the value of the ChenMed model.


As a company, we are making a difference in the lives of seniors and the health care system overall.


Our Unique Culture

Innovative culture and technology drive our core values and outcomes. By significantly investing in the patient up front, we are improving outcomes and patient services while simultaneously reducing health care costs. We do this by:


  • Focusing on illness prevention, not just treatment
  • Seeing patients at least once a month to foster better relationships and stay accountable for their long-term outcomes
  • Lowering patient-to-physician ratios, which are about 400:1
  • Providing multi-specialty experts on site allowing immediate, face-to-face peer collaboration. Many of our patients see three to five specialists, so this practice brings efficiency and more value to physicians and patients.
  • Conducting physician meetings three times weekly where best practices and adverse outcomes are presented and new solutions are openly discussed
  • Providing transportation to and from appointments to those patients with the greatest need to help them overcome this common barrier to treatment adherence


Focused Factory Concept

To be the very best at what we do requires intense, ongoing focus. At ChenMed, our focused factory approach centers around one segment - moderate to low-income seniors with complex medical issues. Then, we apply our breakthrough model designed around everything they need to help them achieve their best outcomes.

A culture of accountability

Dedicated to clinical stabilization, primary and secondary prevention, and patient behavior modification, ChenMed’s collaborative physician and staff culture is not only transparent, but also places great value and emphasis on accountability. As a frontrunner in innovation, we support our physicians’ efforts to improve patient outcomes with customized end-to-end cloud-based technology that is fully integrated into our care delivery system, including:


  • Electronic health records (EHR)
  • Practice management solutions
  • Inpatient-outpatient portals
  • Quality and cost optimization tools
  • Patient flow optimization engines
  • Patient engagement tools

Our Philosophy

Noble Delivery of Care

ChenMed physicians align classic medical values with family values. We believe in noble delivery of care that includes more than intrinsic factors and clinical acumen. It includes listening, talking and building relationships with patients so they feel like a member of our family.


Each staff member understands that he or she will be a patient someday. Therefore, we treat our patients with the same compassion and respect that we want for ourselves during our time of greatest need. We also realize that an entire family can be affected when a patient is ill, so we consider their peace of mind to be just as important as the health and well-being of the patient.



Medicine with a Mission

Not only is ChenMed dedicated to helping the communities we live in, but the Chen family has also invested many years in medical mission work in Nicaragua. They actively support Urban Promise and Amos Trust, and perform healing missions every year with ChenMed physicians and staff.


Our quality focus pays off

Our efforts translate to higher quality patient care with results that include:


  • Better access to quality primary care for an underserved population, particularly Medicare recipients
  • High adherence rates to drug treatment plans
  • Lower hospitalization and readmission rates
  • Improved LDL levels in patients on drug treatment and HgbA1c levels for diabetics
  • High net promoter scores for patient satisfaction, which lead the industry in the low 90s
  • Numerous word-of-mouth patient referrals, leading to continuous growth and increased goodwill


We started our practice in Miami, Florida, more than 25 years ago. Today, our innovative culture and unique business philosophy continue to drive exponential organic growth nationally. We currently operate 36 staff-model medical centers in 8 U.S. markets, with plans for expansion in 2014 under way. We also manage more than 25 affiliated primary-care centers in Florida and have plans for aggressive, widespread expansion of our affiliate management services organization.


Our Brands

  • Chen Neighborhood Medical Centers
  • JenCare Neighborhood Medical Centers 
  • ChenTech
  • Practice Management Resources 

The Chen Family Story

Adverse diagnoses instantly change patients’ lives. Fear and confusion suddenly interrupt their well-being, leaving them vulnerable to a complicated and largely unsympathetic healthcare system. One would expect the experience to be different for physicians who become patients themselves, but it rarely is.


Dr. Jenling James Chen, Chen Medical founder, was diagnosed with cancer almost ten years ago and given two months to live. During his care, he experienced firsthand the frustrations associated with navigating the choppy waters of the current healthcare system. Dr. Chen and his family found themselves on the receiving end of patient care — fighting for access while Dr. Chen fought for his life.


Even though Dr. Chen is fully recovered today, his experience in today's healthcare system haunted him. His struggle to access quality, empathetic, well-coordinated care fueled his relentless determination to turn the current healthcare delivery system around. That's why he created the ChenMed model as it stands today — an accountable and compassionate physician-led culture.

Recognitions & Awards

ChenMed Goes to Washington

Patient satisfaction is reward enough for us at ChenMed, but we are also honored by the national attention some of our results have garnered. In 2009, ChenMed was invited to present at the White House Physician Forum on Health Reform, and, in 2013, we presented our model at the CMS Innovation Summit. We continue to look for opportunities to collaborate with other innovators and national healthcare leaders. For more news about ChenMed, be sure to visit our News page.


“Having the privilege to brief President Barack Obama and his senior healthcare officials about our model and experience achieving outstanding results for underserved, chronically-ill seniors is a testimony to our important mission and solidifies ChenMed’s role as a healthcare leader in America.” 

~ Christopher Chen, MD, Chief Executive Officer