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Addressing Sleep Disorders in Senior Patients: Strategies for Diagnosis and Treatment


Sleep-related complaints are common for seniors.

Patient-Centered Care

Chronic Pain Management Without Opioids: A Primary Care Physician's Perspective


Chronic pain is a dominant issue in healthcare, especially when caring for older populations that

Patient-Centered Care

Patient-Centered Care: Strategies for Building Strong Doctor-Patient Relationships


Shared decision-making and customized care plans are central to patient-centered care.

Patient-Centered Care

Managing Multiple Chronic Conditions in Senior Patients: A Team-Based Approach


Chronic health conditions are common among older adults, and in 2018, 

Patient-Centered Care

Promoting Physical Activity and Mobility in Senior Patients: A Primary Care Approach


As preventive care gains more emphasis in healthcare, some important preventive measures sometime

Patient-Centered Care

The Mindset Shift in Modern Healthcare: Adapting to a Full-Risk Model


Of the many modern trends affecting healthcare, the shift in how care is being reimbursed is one

Patient-Centered Care