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Older Adults and Clinical Trials: To Change the System, Change the Incentives


In October 2020, the director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) published an update on the effectiveness of Moderna’s mRNA vaccine on olde

Value-Based Care
Empty Waiting Room
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Preventing The Looming Primary Care Physician Shortage


The headlines were everywhere even before the COVID-19 pandemic: the United States will face

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Primary Care Physician Shortage
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Is There A Primary Care Physician Shortage?

02.11.21 ChenMed

As the nation's population continues to age, many studies have predicted a looming shortage of primary care physicians.

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Doctor Lisa Price-Stevens
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Meet the Doctor: Lisa Price-Stevens


When Lisa Price Stevens, MD, MPH, MBA, joined ChenMed a year ago, it was more than a career change. It was a homecoming.

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Medical Education
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Our Health Depends on Closing the Medical Education Gap


It might seem like medical education is on the cusp of an important transition toward teaching more value-based care to students — certainly a

Value-Based Care
Mental Health Needs
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Value-based primary care offers a model for how to successfully integrate mental health


Last October, the AMA and other influential physician groups released a statement underscoring the importance of

Patient-Centered Care
Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT)
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What are Osteopathic Physicians, and Why Are They Natural Primary Care Physicians?


In late 2020, the American Medical Association

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Addressing Health Disparities is Good Policy — and Good Medicine


As Americans, we count fairness among our most cherished values.

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