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Our Practice Model

Healthcare Reimagined for You and Your Patients

Our physician-led care teams coordinate the entire patient journey for vulnerable seniors on Medicare. With our patient-centered focus on VIP care and prevention, you can keep your patients healthier and happier.

Fewer Patients, More Time for Everyone

Our primary care physicians have small patient panels and patients have 24/7 access to their doctor. This fosters rewarding doctor-patient relationships and ensures healthier, more compliant patients

Empowering Physicians to Deliver Better Outcomes

Compare ChenMed’s high-touch, physician-led primary care model with traditional volume-based, incentive-driven healthcare. We practice medicine the way it is meant to be practiced. Our model creates better outcomes through patient affordability, improved health – ChenMed patients have 33% fewer hospitalizations and ER visits – and a renewed sense of passion and purpose in our doctors.


Fee-For-Service Vs. Value-Based Care
Larger panel sizes (quantity)   Smaller panel sizes (quality)
Paid on RVUs (number of patients seen)   PCP salary and bonuses incentivized by good outcomes and performance
Incentivized to send patients to hospital   Hospital care when medically necessary
Emphasis on more procedures and treatments   Emphasis on prevention/lifestyle
Uncoordinated care relying heavily on specialists   Care focused on clinical integration and primary care
Higher profit is valued   High-quality medical care is valued
Fee-for-service is a popular payment method but unsustainable   Value-based reimbursement is innovative, affordable, and sustainable
Each patient is seen approximately every 4-6 months   Each patient is seen monthly (minimum)


Ready to change how you practice medicine?

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