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Our Impact

ChenMed's Impact Report highlights and celebrates the very best of who we are as people, as a company, and as a brand.  We are a company filled with compassionate team members who serve others, day after day, in so many ways improving the lives of the people around us.  

We hope this report shares our story and the story of our people who rose to the occasion, going more ‘above and beyond’ than usual, to make a difference in people’s lives.

The Power of Purpose
2021 Impact Report

Impact Report 2021


ChenMed personifies the Power of Purpose. Everything we do here supports our goal to transform healthcare for the neediest populations. With a shared sense of purpose, our mission-driven culture makes us one of the most-loved workplaces in America. Every day we’re doing whatever it takes to change the lives of our employees and especially our patients. 

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A Year Measured In Love
2020 Impact Report

Impact Report 2020


We’re transforming communities by transforming lives. Our 2020 Impact Report was a year measured in love. Impacting the lives of our neediest populations guides everything we do. Among many accomplishments, ChenMed was named to Fortune’s “Change the World” list. Our goal is to improve the lives of our employees and patients, making a difference in the world.

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