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Hernando Celada

Hernando Celada

Chief Experience and Innovation Officer

As Chief Experience and Innovation Officer, Hernando Celada is responsible for leading the innovation arm that identifies and creates new products and processes to enhance the overall effectiveness of the organization. In addition to running innovation sites and ChenMed’s central operations services, Hernando drives enterprise-wide strategic initiatives focused on delivering a world-class experience to our members.

Hernando joined ChenMed in 2015 and most recently served as Chief Innovation and Strategic Initiatives Officer and Chief Information Officer, developing world-class software products for ChenMed’s technology and analytics arm, Curity, and launching new business lines including IntuneHealth.

Hernando is active in giving back to his community, coaching young people in sports, and providing business training to help them succeed in the future, as well as emerging professionals. Hernando enjoys spending his free time with his two children, as well as hosting family barbeques with his large extended family.

Hernando was named a Top Innovator by Modern Healthcare in 2022. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Phoenix and an MBA from the University of Miami.