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James Chen, MD, PhD

James Chen, MD, PhD

ChenMed Founder

Dr. James Chen is the founder of ChenMed, a physician-led primary care practice whose goal is to deliver affordable care and superior experience to seniors across the United States. He also serves as chairman of the ChenMed board of directors. 

Dr. Chen is an accomplished physician who earned Taiwan's top college entrance exam score, which allowed him to attend the prestigious Taiwan National University to complete his bachelor's degree. After college, Dr. Chen moved to the United States and completed his master's degree in chemistry at Washington University in St. Louis.

He then matriculated to one of the country's premier biochemical engineering institutes at the University of Wisconsin to study under the esteemed and internationally famed Dr. Henry Lardy. After completing his PhD in biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Chen attended the University of Miami and completed his medical training at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Together with his wife, Mary, and sons, Christopher and Gordon, Dr. Chen and his family focus to bring diverse communities around the country cutting-edge, high-quality preventive and primary care.

Dr. Chen is an avid photographer and humanitarian. In addition to being active in the community, he has invested many years performing medical mission work in Central America, mainly in Nicaragua. Dr. Chen is also a cancer survivor.