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ChenMed Administrative Fellowship

Discover what makes our ChenMed Administrative Fellowship different from any other corporate training program – and how your career as a healthcare leader can make all the difference.

Be A Leader In Your Field

ChenMed Leader

Our elite ChenMed Administrative Fellowship is unlike other corporate training programs. We handpick recent graduate-level or higher leaders from a wealth of fields and place them in a life-altering position that deepens their understanding of holistic medicine.

Dive deep into our innovative core model with a development path that targets your personal strengths and interests. Your life, and the lives of thousands of seniors on Medicare, will never be the same again.

Success Stories

Expert Coaching Focused on Your Future

Business Medical Employees

At ChenMed, you’ll find healthcare’s most visionary minds — all committed to shaping the next generation of leaders. Our top leadership, including founder Dr. Jen-Ling James Chen, coaches and guides participants in our ChenMed Administrative Fellowship. Additional mentors in Operations talent development, analytics, and specific business areas further develop your expertise and leadership skills. 

Leadership Development and Career Tracks

Leadership Development

Hands-on, immersive, and onsite, this fellowship requires 7 months of full-time assignment in Miami with a potential placement after in any of our markets. The Fellow will have an unparalleled opportunity to gain knowledge about Medicare Advantage, Operations, Healthcare Networks, Data Analytics and Finance. From there, the Fellow will be guided in selecting a development path that targets your personal strengths and interests.

This fast track, shortcut to career development offers accelerated and experiential learning like no other fellowship available.

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Program Requirements

Leadership Academy
  • Have a master’s or higher degree in a relevant field or currently be in a program
  • Be open to relocation within the ChenMed markets after completion of the program
  • Have strong communication skills with multiple levels of customers from executives to front line employees
  • Have strong analytical skills and demonstrable experience working with complex data sets to create strategic solutions