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Dr. Jason Lane

Chief Medical Officer, Hospital and Community Care Team

Dr. Jason Lane

Jason W. Lane, M.D. | Chief Medical Officer, Hospital and Community Care Team

Board-certified in both Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Jason Lane, has been practicing medicine for more than 20 years.  In 2014, Dr. Lane joined ChenMed as National Director of for Transitional Care.  After several years of notable service, he excelled as both ChenMed National Director for Clinical Strategy and Outcomes, plus as ChenMed National Director of Infectious Diseases.  Dr. Lane currently serves as ChenMed Chief Medical Officer, Hospital and Community Team, as well as ChenMed National Director of Infectious Diseases.

Prior to joining ChenMed, one of the nation’s leading primary care providers, Dr. Lane was a San Diego Area Associate Physician in Infectious Diseases for Permanente Medical Group.

Dr. Lane also had a distinguished career in the United States Airforce, concluding his service to country at Travis Air Force Base, where he was Element Chief, Infectious Diseases. During his tenure at Travis AFB, Dr. Lane also was program director for the military tract within the University of California-Davis internal medicine residency; site director, University of California-Davis School of Medicine internal medicine clerkship; chairperson, Infection Control Committee; medical consultant to public health; and provided inpatient and outpatient infectious diseases consultative services for 88-bed military referral hospital.  

Dr. Lane earned the USAF Meritorious Service Medal in 2012, following his Deployment to Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan in 2011, where he provided direct care for critically wounded casualties in largest combat support hospital in theater.

A frequently published clinical thought leader, Dr. Lane has led or contributed to medical research advances reported in peer-reviewed journals, including Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice, Military Medicine, Clinica Chimica Acta (the International Journal of Clinical Chemistry), and Clinical Infectious Diseases.

Dr. Lane is a frequent presenter, helping educate clinicians throughout ChenMed to continuingly optimize care.