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Physician Event | Meet, Greet, Eat

4.29.21 Columbus, OH

When & Where

Thursday, April 29, 2021
6:00 PM EDT - 8:00 PM EDT

2260 Morse Road
Columbus, OH 43229

About The Event

Meet, Greet, Eat
Event Type: Physician Event

Join us for a Thank You Night.
We appreciate all you do for all our patients.

Come meet our physicians – the ones behind all the referrals –
and let’s enjoy some new friends, food and drink together.

About the Speakers:

About Dr. Paul Hicks: Since Dr. Paul Hicks went into medicine, he’s wanted to make the largest impact for the patients most in need. It’s led him to work in a variety of settings over the years and serve in numerous executive, academic, and volunteer roles. “Seeing the profound needs of so many seniors—medical, social, and economic—I’m thrilled to be focusing on this group and be part of the transforming model of care here,” Dr. Hicks says. “The best part is making meaningful relationships.” Dr. Hicks and his wife are proud parents of three children. In his personal time, Dr. Hicks likes to ride his bike, read, do Aikido, and travel. “The best vacations are always visiting my wife’s family in Argentina,” he says.

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