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After a Year with Us, Seniors are 22% Less Likely to Have A Stroke

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According to a recent study, with nearly 60,000 patients, seniors who had been ChenMed patients for over a year had a 22% lower incidence of stroke than our newest patients. 

That’s why it’s so important to choose a doctor, who can bring life-saving results to you and your loved ones. Imagine a world with 22% fewer strokes. At ChenMed our doctors are delivering on that mission and helping our patients beat the odds of having a stroke. 

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Source: A recent statistical study compared incidence of primary stroke in ChenMed patients who enrolled prior to August 2018, as compared to newer patients. The 3-year study period included 40,567 tenured patients and 15,886 newer patients, with an odds ratio of 0.78. “Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics-2018 Update: A Report from the American Heart Association,” circulation (numbers rounded). Published Jan 31, 2018.