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ChenMed's Patient Satisfaction at All-Time High Among Seniors

Celebrating heart health: personalized cardiovascular care leads to happier, healthier patients

As February ushers in even more awareness around heart health, it is important to remember how critical regular cardiovascular testing and assessment is for seniors. In addition, healthy eating, light physical activity, and stress management can be game changers for seniors looking to become healthier. Nearly 700,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year (1 in every 5 deaths), and the vast majority of these deaths (531,583 in 2019) are among seniors, ages 65 and older. ChenMed, a leader in primary care operating more than 120 medical practices serving Medicare-eligible seniors in 15 states, today announces how they are giving extra love to their seniors and the patient health and the appreciation is clear. 

ChenMed Press Release 02152023
Regina Druz, M.D., MBA, MS, FACC, ChenMed National Director of Cardiology

Healthy eating, light physical activity and stress management can be game changers for seniors looking to become healthier this year. Regina Druz, M.D., MBA, MS, FACC, ChenMed's National Director of Cardiology, is an expert in helping patients improve their cardiovascular health. Her advice is to focus on simple, yet effective, steps to improve diet and exercise.

"The three most common heart conditions in seniors include heart failure, coronary artery disease and high blood pressure," says Dr. Druz. "Finding an activity or hobby you enjoy doing helps with stress management and can count toward exercise as well. Try reading, walking with your family or friends, or listening to music to help your mind and body relax. Being with friends and family and involved in your community brings happiness to your heart and soul."

Dr. Druz encourages everyone to embrace the fact that health often becomes more complex as folks age, and that every Medicare beneficiary should have an outstanding relationship with and easy access to a primary care doctor. "Do you have your doctor's cell phone number for quick replies to medical and health questions?" asks Dr. Druz. "Can you see the doctor who knows you best same day, and is your provider able to consult real-time with specialist doctors to optimize your care? These are such important questions to consider!"

This personalized cardiovascular care has led to happier and healthier patients, as noted by ChenMed's Patient Satisfaction Scores, which reflect the "love" of their patients:

  • 94.8% report provider satisfaction
  • 97.0% feel their doctor shows respect
  • 95.3% agree their doctor listens to them

* 2022 ChenMed enterprise results (Top 2 Box), third-party survey vendor, N=76,561

"Quality healthcare is a priority for all," says Dr. Druz. "Our senior population can oftentimes have obstacles overlooked. We aim to help remove those obstacles by making access to care easier, providing streamlined testing, and smooth lines of communication. We believe that by working together, we can all live healthier and happier lives."

About ChenMed

ChenMed, headquartered in Miami, is a privately owned medical, management and technology company that delivers the high-touch and personalized primary care Medicare-eligible seniors need to enjoy better health. The company operates more than 120 senior medical centers in 15 states. Named a Fortune 2020 "Change the World" company ,twice named a "Most Loved Workplace" by Newsweek Magazine, and a Certified Best Place to Work® by the Best Place to Work Institute, ChenMed brings concierge-style medicine and better health outcomes to the neediest populations. ChenMed brands include Chen Senior Medical CenterDedicated Senior Medical Center and JenCare Senior Medical Center. Thanks to its nimble and growing software entity, Curity, ChenMed also was recently named "A Best Place to Work in IT" by IDG's Insider Pro and ComputerWorld.