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Doing Medicine Right

Hall of fame basketball coach John Wooden offered many pearls of wisdom during his illustrious career. The one seniors should be asking their PCP and specialist doctors is: “If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”

Don’t kid yourself. When it comes to achieving better health outcomes for seniors – especially for those living with multiple major and chronic health challenges – there is no substitute for adequate face time with your doctor.

Chen and JenCare Neighborhood Medical Center board-certified doctors invest substantially more time with every senior, during every visit to any of its 36 integrated medical practices in six states.

They can because their patient panels are intentionally five times smaller than the national average for physicians.

"They do because they truly love knowing and helping their patients."

Don’t settle for the national yearly average of just 9 minutes of patient face time with doctor. That translates into average physician time investment of just 45 to 60 seconds per month per patient.

Nationwide, seniors are living with an average of five major and chronic health conditions. So, do you really want your doctor to only have 1.8 minutes yearly (average of 9 seconds per month) to help you with each of five different health challenges?

Get the ChenMed difference. Our physicians invest an average of nearly three hours (168 minutes yearly) in face time with each patient. That translates into an average of 14 minutes of doctor face time with each patient each month – enough time to do the job right the first and every time for you.