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Featured in Modern Healthcare: New physicians short on opportunities to practice value-based care

“Several experts lamented the lack of opportunities for new physicians to practice value-based care. ‘You can teach people about different models of care, but unless they have the opportunity to practice in those models, it's going to be difficult for them to get to know it,’ said Dr. Daniel McCarter, national director of primary care advancement at ChenMed. ‘You're not going to learn value-based care by just reading about it.

Yet, most residencies take place in hospitals, which are reimbursed mainly through a fee-for-service payment model. Residents learn to practice volume-based medicine because that's what providers get rewarded for. ChenMed's McCarter said new physicians ‘come in with very little exposure to the costs of healthcare or the outcomes.’ He argued they need to learn how to take responsibility for a panel of patients, deliver high-quality customer service, manage finances and take on leadership roles.”

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