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Health Bonanza

ChenMed is a privately owned medical, consulting and technology company working to positively change American health care through primary care innovation primarily for the neediest populations. Health Affairs, a peer-reviewed journal at the intersection of health, health care and policy, recently published a scientific paper showing how ChenMed’s highly effective and scalable model for senior health care improves quality outcomes and results in days in hospital that are 38 percent lower than the national average for seniors.

"The substantial reduction in hospital days is particularly significant, as Chen Neighborhood Medical Centers (CNMC) in Florida primarily serve low-to-moderate-income elderly patients with an average age of 72 years."

Moreover, 97 percent of CNMC patients are affected by one major and chronic health challenge; 73 percent are living with five or more major and chronic health conditions.

Medical Economics recently reinforced the Health Affairs paper by reporting that ChenMed “may be the best primary care system in the U.S.” Its feature gave ChenMed high marks for:

  • Convenience and access
  • Patient and physician time
  • Onsite dispensing of prescription medications
  • Physician culture
  • Customized electronic medical records with decision support.