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JenCare Appoints Steve Nelson As Chief Executive Officer

JenCare, a leading national provider of primary care to underserved, Medicare-eligible seniors, announced today the appointment of industry veteran Steve Nelson as CEO of JenCare. The newly created role is intended to continue to drive scalable growth, geographic expansion, and consistent performance. Currently, there are 30 JenCare Senior Medical Centers across six cities in Georgia, Virginia, Illinois, Kentucky, and Louisiana. Having an independent leadership team will enable JenCare to accelerate its growth and serve more patients in more markets.

Steve Nelson

Steve brings more than 30 years of industry experience, with deep expertise at the highest levels of healthcare organizations. He most recently served as the Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Duly Health and Care, one of the largest multispecialty independent provider groups in the U.S. with more than 1,000 primary care and specialty care physicians and more than 7,000 team members across 150 locations.

Prior to Duly, Steve spent 15 years at Unit­edHealth­ serving in leadership positions in both the Commercial and Government businesses. He served as the CEO of UnitedHealthcare, making the $190 billion division of UnitedHealth Group number one nationally in Medicare Advantage. He oversaw the commercial and government-subsidized health insurance businesses, including Medicare Advantage, which covered over five million seniors. He drove efforts that resulted in increased growth, employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

Throughout his career, Steve has demonstrated the ability to scale and build strong organizations while staying focused on reimagining healthcare by working closely with physicians and healthcare delivery systems. His leadership has resulted in exceptional patient experiences and better outcomes through access to high-quality, affordable healthcare services and better navigation across the healthcare system.

"Today marks a pivotal moment for JenCare, and we are proud to have Steve on board to further our mission of honoring seniors by delivering better health outcomes with quality and coordinated care through our physician-led organization. We want to fully unlock JenCare’s potential and scale the business to serve more of the neediest populations," said Dr. Chris Chen, CEO of ChenMed, the majority owner of JenCare. "Steve will be instrumental as we enter our next phase of growth, and he has a proven track record of growing large, impactful organizations with strong cultures, missions and performance. Additionally, Steve knows how to harness physician leadership to drive tremendous outcomes. During his tenure at UnitedHealthcare, the company became the leader in Medicare, and I’m confident he will create immense value for JenCare."

JenCare is committed to delivering superior healthcare to Medicare-eligible and dual-eligible seniors. The company employs outstanding physicians who are empowered to deliver VIP service, to detect and effectively manage high-risk diseases, and to reduce hospital sick days for seniors, many of whom are living with multiple and major chronic conditions.

"I'm thrilled to be leading JenCare into the next chapter," said Steve Nelson, CEO of JenCare. "Achieving equity in health access has been a passion since starting my career in healthcare. I admire what JenCare and the Chen family have done for the underserved population, and I look forward to scaling this successful model and expanding the business even further.”  

About JenCare

JenCare Senior Medical Center is a senior-focused primary care practice. Currently, there are 30 JenCare centers across six cities in Georgia, Virginia, Illinois, Kentucky, and Louisiana.

JenCare is part of the Chen family of companies, which operates more than 100 centers in 15 states. The company employs outstanding primary care physicians and specialist doctors who are empowered to do whatever it takes to deliver VIP service; to detect and effectively manage high-risk diseases; and to reduce hospital sick days for Medicare-eligible seniors, many of whom are living with multiple and major chronic conditions.

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