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Love, accountability, and passion: Podcast features Dr. Chris Chen discussing ChenMed values with Dr. Zeev Neuwirth

In a recent episode of the Creating a New Healthcare podcast, a series exploring new solutions for primary care physician leaders, ChenMed CEO Dr. Chris Chen spoke with Dr. Zeev Neuwirth, senior medical director of population health at Atrium Health. The episode, “Affordable Concierge Primary Care – Honoring Seniors & Delivering Better Health Outcomes,” offers an in-depth look at the ChenMed model and how it benefits patients handling chronic conditions.

ChenMed is built on pillars of love, accountability, and passion, and Chris shared details with Zeev about how these three values led his father, Dr. James Chen, the founder of ChenMed, to pursue high-quality primary care for the neediest populations. The Chen family’s own experience with poverty prompted them to bring physicians to high-need neighborhoods, and today, more than 40 ChenMed centers in seven states transform care for seniors and deliver improved primary care through an emphasis on more time and attention.

According to Chris, “Doctors need time.” With each ChenMed physician seeing about 450 patients, compared with the national average of 2,300 patients to every doctor, ChenMed patients can visit a care center each month – or take advantage of walk-in appointments – and have plenty of time with their doctor. On the podcast, Chris highlighted personal stories of patients he sees and how the time ChenMed physicians take to know patients creates strong relationships that lead to important health conversations. Chris noted how, even with medicine and specialists available, sometimes a broader view, focused on factors like diet and exercise, can have more of an impact on patient health. That is why ChenMed is focused on the overall wellbeing of patients and provides innovative services like line dancing, Tai Chi, and door-to-doctor transportation.

Chris also discussed with Zeev how ChenMed stays accountable for patient health with regular meetings of physicians to address all of these care needs. These team meetings, in addition to on-site specialists, on-site pharmacies, and a coordinated care team, help ChenMed reduce hospitalizations and lower costs across the health care system. As the U.S. health care system shifts from a fee-for-service to a value-based reimbursement model, learn from Chris how ChenMed got its start and how the company continues to focus on love, accountability, and passion while delivering concierge primary health care to seniors.

Listen to the podcast, available on iTunes, to hear more.