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Raise The Line Podcast | Rewarding Good Results

“We're missing purpose,” says Dr. Christopher Chen. By squeezing its caregivers, doctors, and nurses for volume, Chen believes our healthcare system strips health workers of their dignity. He wants to help them get it back. After his father’s unsatisfactory experience with the healthcare system, Dr. Christopher Chen started ChenMed, which operates nearly 80 medical centers focused on serving the elderly, poor, and chronically ill, and is probably, he says, “the first truly scalable, value-based care platform in the country.” Under ChenMed's compensation model, if the patients do well, everybody does well. Tune in to this important interview to learn about the cost, outcome, and equity issues facing our healthcare system, why ChenMed puts all of their practicing clinicians through business training, and how they pursue — and achieve — lower costs, better outcomes, and social justice, all at the same time.

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