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Primary-care clinics hope to play a big role in vaccinating Americans, but some don't know when they'll receive coronavirus shots.

Excerpt from article:

Primary care chain ChenMed is preparing for multiple scenarios and outfitting some clinics with cold storage
With so much up in the air, Miami-based clinic chain ChenMed is preparing for any scenario, said Dr. Jason Lane, an infectious disease doctor who leads ChenMed's coronavirus task force.
"We're not getting a lot of information from the state health departments or pharmacies or hospitals at this point about when we're going to be engaged," Lane said.
ChenMed has more than 75 clinics in 10 states, and its patients are seniors, a group that's at high risk for COVID-19. ChenMed is working under the assumption that its staff and some patients would have an opportunity to be vaccinated outside of ChenMed centers before its clinics receive any doses. Clinical leaders in each market are reaching out to state health departments, health systems and pharmacies to ensure that ChenMed staff and patients get in line to be vaccinated at those places.
At the same time, ChenMed wants to be ready to accept vaccines at its own clinics. 
"There's so much vaccine hesitancy out there that we're going to need to overcome to protect our patients that we're really going to need to play a very active role in teaching folks about the vaccine and making them feel comfortable," Lane said.

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