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Visionary Health Care

In addition to designing buildings acclaimed worldwide, Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe popularized three sayings that readily apply to the delivery of excellent health care to seniors:

  • “Less is more.”
  • “God is in the details.”
  • “I don’t want to be interesting. I want to be good.”


ChenMed’s 36 integrated medical centers in six states achieve better health outcomes for seniors because its primary care physicians have patient panels five times smaller than the national average. Instead of the U.S. average of 2,300 patients being seen annually by a physician, Chen and JenCare Neighborhood Medical center PCPs have patient panels ranging from 350 to 450 patients.

"ChenMed invests more physician time in each patient, every week, every month, every year."

When board-certified physicians serve dramatically fewer patients, they can:

  • Build wonderful relationships with their patients by seeing them more frequently.
  • Better focus on the health challenge nuances faced by each senior, as well as the treatment details needed to achieve better health outcomes.
  • Welcome walk-up appointments daily to reduce/eliminate patient visits to urgent care and emergency rooms for non-emergency care.
  • Invest more time with every patient on every visit to make sure that care is optimized, and to nurture the winning environment where patients are comfortable asking questions. Engaged patients can make needed lifestyle changes to further enhance health outcomes.


Chen and JenCare Neighborhood Medical Center PCPs and specialist doctors do not have offices. They work side-by-side in a culture of incredible transparency, communicating frequently with patients and each other to help seniors outperform national expectations for health outcomes.

ChenMed invests more physician time in each patient, every week, every month, every year. This is vital because 97 percent of ChenMed patients have at least one major and chronic health challenge; more than 73 percent of ChenMed patients are living with five or more major and chronic health conditions.

It’s also worth noting that Chen and JenCare Neighborhood Medical Center PCPs maintain patient panels significantly smaller than even concierge medicine, where patients pay extra premiums to be seen by doctors with panels ranging from 500 to 600 patients on average.