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Licensed to Treat: The Importance of Family Medicine Leadership


Being licensed to practice primary care is more than just doctoring; it is about leading a team t

Physician Culture

Overcoming Misconceptions About Malnutrition in Seniors


Among older Americans, malnutrition is a crisis that largely flies under the radar.

Patient-Centered Care

A Prescription for Burnout Isn’t a Fairy Tale


If you’ve ever wished upon a star for a life free of burnout and stress, you are not alone.

Value-Based Care

How to motivate senior patients to improve their eating habits


If you’ve ever tried to adhere to a new year’s resolution, you know that making and sustaining be

Patient-Centered Care

Rebuilding Primary Care: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic, the Opioid Crisis, and Millennials


What would you do if, by the time you turned 40, you grieved the loss of 10 of your friends?

Value-Based Care

Removing the Transportation Barriers to Healthcare


If a person can’t get to their doctor’s appointments, it’s pretty much a given that they won’t be

Patient-Centered Care