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Post-Pandemic, What’s the right approach for telemedicine in primary care?


As the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in March 2020, ChenMed, moved nearly all of our patient encoun

Patient-Centered Care

The Gift of Time: Value-Based Care’s Biggest Weapon Against Vaccine Resistance


A poll conducted in the last week of March, 2021 by 

Patient-Centered Care

Meet the Doctor: Stephanie Chong, MD


“We are everything to our patients as primary care physicians,” says Stephanie Chong, MD, Regiona

Physician Culture
Physician Culture

3 Common Reasons Physicians Consider Making a Career Change


In 2013, the Mayo Clinic published a survey on physician burnout that has since been widely cited

Physician Culture

Caring for the Caregivers: How to Provide Support for a Linchpin of Healthcare


Family caregivers are crucial to managing the care of many elderly patients with chronic and debi

Patient-Centered Care