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Meet the Doctor: Karla Curet, DO


Karla Curet, DO, learned what it meant to be a doctor during walks with her grandfather, who was

Physician Culture

To Address the Shortage of Geriatricians, We Must “Geriatricize” Our Healthcare System


I’ve been hearing about the shortage of geriatricians since I went into geriatrics.

Physician Culture

Primary Care Outpatient Training: More Than a Residency Rite of Passage


Approximately 80% of internal medicine residents, including nearly two-thirds of those who specif

Value-Based Care

Older Adults and Clinical Trials: To Change the System, Change the Incentives


In October 2020, the director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) published an update on t

Value-Based Care

Preventing The Looming Primary Care Physician Shortage


The headlines were everywhere even before the COVID-19 pandemic: the United States will face

Physician Culture

Meet the Doctor: Lisa Price-Stevens


When Lisa Price Stevens, MD, MPH, MBA, joined ChenMed a year ago, it was more than a career chang

Physician Culture