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Managing Multiple Chronic Conditions Requires a Transformative Approach to Primary Care


In the United States, 63.7% of patients over 65 live with two or more

Value-Based Care

Employee Wellness: A Key Avenue to Greater Health


Roughly one-third of employees’ day takes place at work.

Value-Based Care

Prescriptions for Fresh Produce: What is a Food Pharmacy?


In recent years, as research has shown clearer links between nutrition and the prevention of chro

Patient-Centered Care

Licensed to Treat: The Importance of Family Medicine Leadership


Being licensed to practice primary care is more than just doctoring; it is about leading a team t

Physician Culture

Overcoming Misconceptions About Malnutrition in Seniors


Among older Americans, malnutrition is a crisis that largely flies under the radar.

Patient-Centered Care

A Prescription for Burnout Isn’t a Fairy Tale


If you’ve ever wished upon a star for a life free of burnout and stress, you are not alone.

Value-Based Care