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Heroes of Another Sort: Primary Care Physicians During COVID-19


The hero moniker can be doled out a little too easily sometimes.

Value-Based Care

Elective Procedures During COVID-19: How to Talk to Patients


Americans aren’t accustomed to waiting for what they want, and that includes elective medical pro

Value-Based Care

Social Isolation — The Hidden Cost of Social Distancing


Leaders across the country are taking actions that intrude on our daily lives like we’ve never se

Patient-Centered Care

Why Primary Care Doctors Must Step Up, Not Back, During The Coronavirus Crisis


When it became clear that the novel coronavirus would soon arrive here in the United States, I as

Value-Based Care

Changing Patient Outcomes Using Choosing Wisely


Each year, an estimated

Value-Based Care

Why the Camden Coalition Couldn’t Break the Cycle of Hospital Readmissions


Losing weight just by taking a pill. Good grades just by learning a memorization trick.

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