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Why Primary Care Doctors Must Step Up, Not Back, During The Coronavirus Crisis


When it became clear that the novel coronavirus would soon arrive here in the United States, I as

Value-Based Care

Changing Patient Outcomes Using Choosing Wisely


Each year, an estimated

Value-Based Care

Why the Camden Coalition Couldn’t Break the Cycle of Hospital Readmissions


Losing weight just by taking a pill. Good grades just by learning a memorization trick.

Patient-Centered Care

Big Tech Still Has More to Learn Before It Can Help Fix Our Broken Healthcare System


To the behemoth tech companies, the $3.6 trillion America spends on healthcare looks like a “gold

Value-Based Care

Addressing Multiple Chronic Conditions Through Value-Based Care


It’s a startling statistic: The sickest 5 percent of people i

Value-Based Care

Grappling with Obesity: Strategies that Work


It’s one thing to talk about the worldwide obesity epidemic, but it’s ano

Patient-Centered Care