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Meet the Doctor: Faisel Syed, MD


Faisel Syed, MD, is ChenMed’s National Director of Primary Care, and he can’t remember a time whe

Physician Culture

Exercise for Older Adults: Motivating Patients to Stay Active


Physical activity is a key factor in healthy aging, and

Value-Based Care

5 Things You Should Know About Full-Risk Value Based Care


Many people are familiar with value based care, but the distinctions between various models and p

Value-Based Care

Improving The Physician Experience Through Technology


The pandemic-induced shift to telehealth and increased adoption of other health-related technolog

Value-Based Care

Meet the Doctor: Hermena Cerphy, MD


Like many physicians, Hermena Cerphy, MD, grew up wanting to be a doctor, but, ironically, hated

Physician Culture

We Can Save The Dying Free Market in Healthcare



Value-Based Care