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Resuming Elective Procedures: It’s Too Soon


The healthcare providers at ground zero in the fight against COVID-19 now face the same dilemma t

Patient-Centered Care

Primary Care Post-COVID-19: Options for the Future


The foundation of American healthcare was once the self-enterprising primary care doctor.

Physician Culture

Using Social Determinants of Health to Change How You Practice


One of the most important things I’ve learned as a doctor is that there is a story behind every p

Patient-Centered Care

What the Adoption of Telemedicine Means for Healthcare in the Future


In the years to come, we may look back on the COVID-19 pandemic as the tipping point in the globa

Patient Outcomes

How Value-Based Care Affects Providers


As a primary care physician, I’ve seen my fair share of patients who, after switching from a fee-

Value-Based Care

Volume Vs Value-Based Care: What Wins Post COVID-19?


It’s no secret that COVID-19 is hammering the nation’s hospitals, but what you may not see covere

Value-Based Care