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Health Disparities Patient
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How Value-Based Care Can Fix Racial Health Disparities


COVID-19’s lethal attack on non-white Americans has laid bare the stark racial inequities inherent in the nation’s health care system.

Patient-Centered Care
The Full-Risk Capitation Model
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The Full-Risk Capitation Model: Why Make the Change?


We physicians are playing in a cruel game. We don’t set the rules, nor are they working well for us.

Value-Based Care
Primary Care Physicians Survive Covid-19
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Will Primary Care Practices Survive COVID-19?

07.30.20 ChenMed

Physician-owned businesses are facing a grave financial threat from the global pandemic, spurred by a dramatic drop in in-person patient visits and

Value-Based Care
Team-based Healthcare
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How Effective Team-Based Healthcare Changes Outcomes


As a geriatrician, I know it takes a village to care for seniors, many of them with complex medical conditions.

Value-Based Care
family members in patient care
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Involve Family Members in Patient Care for Better Outcomes


As a primary care doctor for older adults, I constantly see just how valuable it is to engage family members as partners in caring for patients ove

Patient Outcomes
Value Based Care Residents
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The Shift to Value-Based Care: Begin with Medical Training


Young doctors in training tend to be idealistic, and most have chosen medicine because they want to make a difference for their patients and societ

Value-Based Care
Primary Care Practice
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Resuming Elective Procedures: It’s Too Soon


The healthcare providers at ground zero in the fight against COVID-19 now face the same dilemma that much of our society is struggling with: the ec

Patient-Centered Care
Primary Care Practice
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Primary Care Post-COVID-19: Options for the Future


The foundation of American healthcare was once the self-enterprising primary care doctor. That’s how ChenMed started.

Physician Culture