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Joy Marshall, MD, MA
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Meet the Doctor: Joy Marshall, MD, MA


When Joy Marshall walked through the doors of ChenMed’s West Park facility in her hometown of Cleveland in September, she brought much more than 20

Physician Culture
Moral Injury Physician Distress
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Moral Injury: Physician Distress in the Era of COVID-19


For years we have followed the reports of increasing physician distress — the high rates of exhaustion, depression, substance abuse, and even suici

Value-Based Care
Adrienne Mims, MD,MPH
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Meet the Doctor: Adrienne Mims, MD, MPH


Dr. Adrienne Mims’ 30-plus years in geriatrics and family medicine is a deeply personal calling.

Physician Culture
RX For Physician Burnout
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Value-Based Healthcare: Rx for Physician Burnout

11.19.20 ChenMed

Did you know that burnout has famously been defined as “an erosion of the soul”?

Value-Based Care
Value based Care Doctor
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Value-Based Care Reduces COVID-19 Deaths Among High-Risk Patients


COVID-19 has been a huge and tragic international health care burden, and patients at ChenMed are squarely in the highest risk category.

Patient-Centered Care
Elizabeth Vilches-Olivera, MD
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Meet the Doctor: Elizabeth Vilches-Olivera, MD


When she was young, Elizabeth Vilches-Olivera, MD, insisted on spending the night with friends who were feeling sick.

Physician Culture
Preventive Cardiology Patient
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Tapping into the Power of Preventive Cardiology


Year in and year out, cardiovascular disease has proven to be America’s top ki

Patient-Centered Care
Value Based Care Doctor
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Finding My Mission in Value-Based Care


Dissatisfaction among physicians has been on the rise for years, and during my 20 years in practice, I have experienced firsthand the frustration o

Value-Based Care