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Adult Malnutrition
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Combating Malnutrition in Older Adults During Coronavirus


Even in the best of times, older adults are at higher risk for malnutrition.

Value-Based Care
Value based Care
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How Value-Based Care Helps PCPs Manage Elder Anxiety During COVID-19


Most of my patients are seniors, and they feel exceptionally anxious these days.

Value-Based Care
Racial Disparities Crisis
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Solving for the Racial Disparities Crisis in Coronavirus Deaths


We have a problem with the coronavirus that isn’t being addressed. We’ve known from the beginning the elderly need more protection.

Health Equity
PCP Doctor Covid19
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Heroes of Another Sort: Primary Care Physicians During COVID-19


The hero moniker can be doled out a little too easily sometimes. During a global pandemic, however, there is no reason to be stingy.

Value-Based Care
Covid19 Doctor Patient
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Elective Procedures During COVID-19: How to Talk to Patients


Americans aren’t accustomed to waiting for what they want, and that includes elective medical procedures.

Value-Based Care
Social Isolation - Woman by a window
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Social Isolation — The Hidden Cost of Social Distancing


Leaders across the country are taking actions that intrude on our daily lives like we’ve never seen before.

Patient-Centered Care
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Why Primary Care Doctors Must Step Up, Not Back, During The Coronavirus Crisis


When it became clear that the novel coronavirus would soon arrive here in the United States, I asked my father, James Chen, who founded ChenMed mor

Value-Based Care
Choosing Wisely Campaign
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Changing Patient Outcomes Using Choosing Wisely


Each year, an estimated 40 percent of older adul

Value-Based Care