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Turning Skeptical Patients into Active Partners


The majority of Americans feel the nation’s health care system is failing them, according to a 

Patient-Centered Care
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What Healthcare Disparities Exist in the United States?


In the land of opportunity and progress, the United States grapples with a stark reality: glaring healthcare disparities that disproportionately im

Value-Based Care
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6 Benefits of a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Culture in Healthcare


As the medical landscape evolves, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) have emerged as critical facets demanding our attention.

Physician Culture
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Exploring Research Opportunities as a Future Physician


As any physician knows, practicing medicine involves far more than just learning how to provide care.

Physician Culture
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Then and Now: The Evolution of Value-Based Care


Today, value-based care (VBC) is a well-known term referring to healthcare that is designed to focus on quality of care, prevention, and patient ex

Value-Based Care
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Ethical Dilemmas in Patient Care—A Guide for Residents


Residency is a critical time when a medical student transitions into a physician.

Physician Culture
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What Role Should the Primary Care Setting Play in Mental Health Treatment?


The prevalence of mental health conditions in the general population is high and growing.

Patient-Centered Care
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The Role of Public Health Campaigns in Advancing Health Equity


The stark disparities in healthcare outcomes, especially in underserved communities, have long been a challenge for both healthcare professionals a

Health Equity