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Woman Telehealth Visit
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How to Create Patient-Centered Telehealth Visits


As the COVID-19 pandemic began to unfold last spring, we at ChenMed re-affirmed our core mission: To make sure our patients remain healthy, happy,

Patient-Centered Care
Telehealth Infographic
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Telehealth’s Meteoric Rise During COVID-19

10.01.20 ChenMed

The use of telehealth has accelerated dramatically in the months since COVID-19 descended on the United States.

Value-Based Care
Preventing Hospitalizations
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The Solution to Better Patient Experience in a Hospital Lies Outside the Hospital


“I’ve realized how naïve I was about what it is like to be a patient.” That was one of the big things I took away from a

Patient-Centered Care
Dr. Ajoy Kumar
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Meet the Doctor: Ajoy Kumar, MD


Ajoy Kumar, MD, MBA, FAAFP, spent his undergraduate days at George Mason University and North Carolina State University doing live remote sports pr

Value-Based Care
Reducing Fall Risk - Woman Walking
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Patient-Centered Care
Value-Based Care Ebook Cover
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Changing US Healthcare | Value-Based Care Explained

09.03.20 ChenMed

Change your understanding of value-based care. Download Changing U.S. Healthcare — Value-Based Care Explained.

Value-Based Care
Preventive Care Patient
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Perceptions on Prevention: The Great Divide


A recent consumer survey

Patient Outcomes
Health Disparities Patient
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How Value-Based Care Can Fix Racial Health Disparities


COVID-19’s lethal attack on non-white Americans has laid bare the stark racial inequities inherent in the nation’s health care system.

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