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Blog Post 080823
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How to Use Empathy in Your Practice


How do you use empathy with your patients?

Patient-Centered Care
Blog Post 080423
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Leveraging the 5 Love Languages to Build Trust with Patients


There’s a new primary care delivery model on the block, and not only does it address many of the current challenges in healthcare, like medical was

Patient-Centered Care
6 Key Milestones in the History of Full-Risk, Value-Based Care
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6 Key Milestones in the History of Full-Risk, Value-Based Care

08.01.23 ChenMed

Transforming US Healthcare: 6 Key Milestones in the History of Full-Risk, Value-Based Care

Value-Based Care
Blog Post 072823
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The Power of Physician-Patient Communication: Strategies for Effective Dialogue


One of the chief complaints from patients about primary care delivery today is how stoic and transactional many doctors are in their communication

Patient-Centered Care
Blog Post 072523
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Advancing Health Equity: Unraveling the Social Justice Behind Health Disparities


Social justice is a field that recognizes every person as deserving of equal economic, social, and political rights and opportunities, including a

Health Equity
Blog Post 072123
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I Have a Team Around Me, But I Feel Alone: The Physician’s Battle Cry


Do you ever wonder if a career in medicine is worth considering or continuing?

Physician Culture
Blog Post 071823
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Practicing in the Melting Pot: How PCPs Can Navigate Cultural Differences


Society today is diverse and multicultural, made up of people from an infinite number of backgrounds.

Patient-Centered Care
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The Stigma of the Walk-In Patient: How It Shapes the Healthcare Landscape


Before the commencement of urgent care facilities on every corner and people visiting emergency departments for treatment they could receive in the

Health Outcomes