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White Paper 082223
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Creating a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Culture That Benefits Physicians, Patients, and the Health Care System

08.22.23 ChenMed

At ChenMed, we're committed to bridging the diversity gap in healthcare.

Value-Based Care
Blog Post 081823
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Can More Meaningful Patient Interactions Resolve Physician Burnout?


One of the only things more complex than human beings themselves is the state of healthcare delivery in America today.

Physician Culture
Blog Post 081523
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Addressing the Transactional Nature of Primary Care Means Pivoting to Patient-Centered Care


Many facets of healthcare delivery are transaction-dependent and part of a rather predictable sequence: diagnostic and treatment decisions, orderin

Patient-Centered Care
Blog Post 081123
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A Lesson in Southern Hospitality: Surprising Ways to Build Trust with Patients From a Medical Anthropologist


When people hear the term “anthropology,” they may imagine an Indiana-Jones-like setting where someone heroically unearths mythological artifacts.

Patient-Centered Care
Blog Post 080823
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How to Use Empathy in Your Practice


How do you use empathy with your patients?

Patient-Centered Care
Blog Post 080423
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Leveraging the 5 Love Languages to Build Trust with Patients


There’s a new primary care delivery model on the block, and not only does it address many of the current challenges in healthcare, like medical was

Patient-Centered Care
6 Key Milestones in the History of Full-Risk, Value-Based Care
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6 Key Milestones in the History of Full-Risk, Value-Based Care

08.01.23 ChenMed

Transforming US Healthcare: 6 Key Milestones in the History of Full-Risk, Value-Based Care

Value-Based Care
Blog Post 072823
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The Power of Physician-Patient Communication: Strategies for Effective Dialogue


One of the chief complaints from patients about primary care delivery today is how stoic and transactional many doctors are in their communication

Patient-Centered Care