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Preventing Hospitalizations through a Value-Based Care Model


Value-based care (VBC) models have gained significant traction in recent years as an 

Value-Based Care

The Role of Trust in Patient-Provider Collaboration


Trust forms the foundation of patient-provider relationships, shaping outcomes and satisfaction.

Patient-Centered Care

Embracing Whole-Person Care: A Shift Toward a Holistic Approach in Medicine


Whole-person care is a philosophy of medicine that recognizes that a person is more than their ph

Patient-Centered Care

Addressing Sleep Disorders in Senior Patients: Strategies for Diagnosis and Treatment


Sleep-related complaints are common for seniors.

Patient-Centered Care

Chronic Pain Management Without Opioids: A Primary Care Physician's Perspective


Chronic pain is a dominant issue in healthcare, especially when caring for older populations that

Patient-Centered Care

Patient-Centered Care: Strategies for Building Strong Doctor-Patient Relationships


Shared decision-making and customized care plans are central to patient-centered care.

Patient-Centered Care