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Physician Burnout: Recognizing the Signs and Finding Support


In the fast-paced world of healthcare, physicians often find themselves at the forefront of deliv

Physician Culture

The Importance of Preventive Care for Senior Patients: Key Strategies for Physicians


Preventive care is an essential component of care, especially with the increased attention and em

Patient-Centered Care

4 Interactions to Build Trust in Value-Based Care Models


In the realm of healthcare, the primary care physician holds a central position in shaping the pa

Patient-Centered Care

How High Costs of Living Can Increase Health Issues


It’s not your imagination; the cost of living expenses — such as food, fuel, and housing — are ri

Patient-Centered Care

Using Patient-Reported Outcomes to Drive Treatment Decision-Making


Gone are the days of medicine that dictate what patients should or should not do with infallible

Patient-Centered Care

How Value-Based Care Can Help in the Prevention and Early Detection of Colon Cancer


Colon cancer is a familiar yet formidable disease that continues to be one of the leading causes

Patient-Centered Care