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Empowering Patients to Improve Care Plan Adherence


Once upon a time, “compliance” referred to a patient who followed their medical provider’s treatm

Health Outcomes

Conquering Scanxiety: Strategies for Managing Anxiety & Fear During Cancer Scans


A cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event that causes various sources of anxiety, affecting the

Patient-Centered Care

Building a Solid Foundation for Health: How Housing Instability Impacts Senior Patients


The health and housing crises continue to face off, affecting senior patients the most, especiall

Health Equity

Maintaining Work-Life Balance as a Medical Resident: Dos and Don’ts


Any medical resident can attest that maintaining a work-life balance is a struggle.

Physician Culture

Transformative Primary Care’s Role in Reducing Medical Spending


Wasteful medical spending is a colossally expensive threat to the American health care system.

Health Outcomes

Is Vulnerable Self-Expression the Answer to Physician Burnout?


Historically, doctors have been known for having stern, stoic, and sometimes esoteric personaliti

Physician Culture