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The Importance of Providing Culturally Competent Care


Physicians and senior patients have a lot in common: Just like patients in some of the most pover

Patient-Centered Care

Why Don’t Doctors Make House Calls Anymore?


Back in the good old days, doctors visiting the home of their patients and making house calls was

Patient-Centered Care

Coping with Poverty, Pain, and COVID


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, another sinister disease spread like wildfire and still rages t

Health Equity

Are Female Primary Care Physicians Underpaid?


Do female physicians work harder and make less than their male counterparts?

Physician Culture

From Burnout to Purpose: The Promise of Full-Risk Value-Based Care


Physician burnout continues to be a pervasive problem in the United States, with over 50% of phys

Value-Based Care

The Future of Healthcare: Being “Super Connectors”


Physicians should be at the center, coordinating all aspects of pati

Value-Based Care